Frooze Balls Make Fast Snacks for Skiing

Frooze Balls Make Fast Snacks for Skiing

While much of the world worships the gym in January, atoning for sins of gluttony and attempting to tone their tummies, those of us who choose to Frooze and live wilder, happily flock to snow-covered slopes in winter. Whether it’s whipping down Treble Cone near Lake Wanaka, or flying through lines at Whakapapa, the Frooze family knows a few things about wellness during the winter months (and yes, our winter months in New Zealand are opposite the Northern latitudes). With this experience in mind, Frooze Balls makes an exceptional fast snack during ski season.

Snack, Don’t Scarf

For the hardcore skier or snow shredder riding bell to bell, stopping for a sandwich in the lodge isn’t always in the day’s equation - especially if pushing more turns through powder are compromised. Unwrapping a burrito on the lift isn’t always easy either. It’s basically a double-black diamond in terms of difficulty of execution. Removing gloves, eating with cold hands, and the elevated anxiety posed by errant aluminum foil ready to rip off and litter the hillside - can create their own issues for indigestion. 

But what about pizza and French fries? 

Those fixations are for bunny hill turns, rather than filling your gut while working on your fitness. It is far easier to descend gracefully from the peak with plant powered clean energy.  Your body will work at its best when you give it natural foods and avoid the refined sugars you find in most energy snacks.

Frooze Balls Make Fast Snacks for Skiing

Any Expert Input?

The Pro Tip for snack during ski season is none other than a pack of Frooze Balls in the pocket to provide convenient, bite-sized snacking between runs. It’s the casual cat track that returns whole food nutrients back safely to the body. A Fudgetastic pack of Frooze Balls is excellent company on a lonely lift, and even to share on a crowded chair. (Just don’t try to drop one from the chair into the mouth of a friend below. (it’s really hard, btw) Please Frooze responsibly.) For some, it is even an essential part of the backcountry backpack: shovel, probe, avalanche bean, and Nut Butter Frooze Balls. Frooze Balls, adorned with coconut flakes even evoke the boulders and cliffs dusted with fresh fallen snow.

Frooze Balls with Coconut Flakes

Elevated Snacking In Situ

For an optimal off-piste experience, we highly recommend the Dark Forest Cherry Frooze Balls before or after gunning through a glade or travelling through the trees. It’s hard to pinpoint in the alpine, but the combination of soaring past spruce and juniper seem to pair well with chomping a cherry Frooze Ball.

If meandering through moguls make the ski menu, Mango Frooze Balls are an obvious choice. What could the quintessential tropical fruit have to do with this winter pursuit? Well not as much as you might imagine actually, but if you’re on the lift and offer Frooze Balls to friends, you’re guaranteed to get a laugh by saying, ‘Let’s munch mangoes and maneuver around moguls’?

As the day’s final runs draw near, a pivot to dessert is always in order. These relaxing rides on tired legs can rely on Lemon Cheesecake Frooze Balls to land your skis softly back at the lodge.