Making Frooze Balls Part of Your Healthy Holiday Habit

Frooze Balls Chocolate Truffle

The holiday season can be filled with devilishly delicious treats that may make us feel merry for one minute, but may also set us into sloth next. Frooze Balls serve as an excellent stand-in for decadent chocolates and rich cheesecakes obviously. Better yet, we think our all-natural, non-GMO snacks can really help people keep healthy habits all year long.

New Year, New to Frooze

As much as the holidays deliver moments to relax and unwind, the sudden ‘New Year, New You’ approach to health can be a shock to the system. Trading biscuits for broccoli after a few weeks of indulgence, isn’t always a recipe for success. Yet, we want our customers to know that Frooze Balls were designed to be a welcome addition to any diet for healthy, active living - that’s why we’ve worked so hard to make Frooze Balls taste fantastic while still being nutritious. 

We didn’t set out to make Frooze Balls to fit into a specific diet plan. It just turns out that a number of popular approaches to healthy eating seem to recognize the benefits of our balls. All the nutrients in Frooze Balls are inherent in the quality ingredients we choose for you. The energy boost you get from Frooze Balls comes from the clean, raw ingredients. What's more they are gluten-free, non-GMO, contain no animal products or bi-products and have no added sugar. So in case you weren’t already aware, here are a few ways that Frooze Balls can become part of your daily diet - whether it’s old or new to you.

Keeping it Keto

The Ketogenic diet focuses on limiting carbohydrates and proteins, with fats from whole, raw ingredients such as tree nuts and vegetables. Frooze Balls fit into the keto diet because they are made with nut butter, raw dates, raisins, sunflower seeds, coconut and peanuts. The only sugars in Frooze Balls occur naturally from fruit.

OMG, Frooze Balls are Gluten-free

The crew at Frooze carefully selects plant-based, ingredients that are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, certified non-GMO, and Kosher. Simply put, there are no fake ingredients in Frooze Balls.There are no refined sugars, fake protein powders, caffeine or preservatives. We like to think that keeping our products natural and gluten-free is the way to be.

Very Much Vegan

Herbivores rejoice! Frooze Balls are made with 100% plant-based ingredients, and provide plant-powered energy perfect after an outdoor hiking adventure, Crossfit, yoga, school snack or afternoon slump.

Made Non-GMO in NZ

The Frooze Balls ingredients lists are all-natural, not genetically modified, and in accordance with New Zealand’s Non-GMO regulations. No fakes in Frooze Balls.

No matter how your healthy diet is designed for you, there’s a good chance Frooze Balls will fit favorably into your nutrition situation. Whether that diet starts during or after the holidays, we hope you’ll join us in our effort to snack clean and live wilder.