Surviving School Takes Good Friends and Frooze Balls 

Lemon Cheesecake Frooze Balls Plant-Based Energy Snacks

School is back in session and you’re officially scrambling to pack lunches. Gone is the excitement of the first days of the semester, special treats in lunch bags, and even freezer stock of previously prepared planned meals. Homework just got serious and exams are soon to follow. But before snack and test anxiety overwhelms, the crew at Frooze Balls is here to help.

For students, lunch is a hallowed period of time pressed between instruction. It serves an important purpose for idle banter, character development, and just plain goofing off among peers. In fact, the same holds true for adults, too. It is also - not so shockingly - an important meal to nourish minds and bodies for afternoon educational activities - that’s where Frooze Balls fit into the formula.

Frooze recognizes that lunch today isn’t as luxurious as it should be. Ninety minutes for a multiple course, well-balanced meal is basically a simple myth for most. Instead, we’re looking to make the most of - maybe - 29 minutes to munch something up and get back to the task at hand. Whether its learning, teaching, working or walking, lunch has basically become a glorified snack time more than a meal.

Plant-Powered Super Snacks

Frooze Balls are plant-powered snacks that deliver sustained energy without mysterious additives. (Yes, seriously - you can even find nutrition facts in each of our products, like Lemon Cheesecake here.) Take your pick of our available flavors, and you’ll find that each are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and with no added sugar. By focusing on raw, natural ingredients we’ve created a healthy snack that is immune to the crash of common sugar-laden energy sources.

For these reasons, Frooze Balls are a popular option for athletes and active lifestyles. Packing Nut Butter Balls for an alpine hike or afternoon laps around the local park are an ideal items to have on hand for a consistent caloric burn. Our Dark Forest cherry super snacks for instance, won’t send you into an unexpected sugar high, leaving you in a literal Dark Forest. We’ll cover the nutrition, so you can take care of navigation.

Letting Lunch Boxes #LiveWilder

Frooze Balls are reliable companion in the wilderness, and they won’t let you down in the civilized world either. In fact, the Frooze crew has found that our snacks make a fantastic friend to lonely lunch boxes. How exactly? Well, to satisfy your curiosity, our friend Cayden includes Peanut Butter Frooze Balls with cucumber sandwiches filled with cream cheese and garlic dill sauerkraut, half a fresh peach, apple slices, blueberries, and some 'cheesy' sprouted pumpkin seeds. 

Peanut butter Frooze Balls Plant-based Energy Snacks

Another option could be to include Salted-Caramel Frooze Balls with simple sandwich on whole wheat alongside some select greens as seen below. This way, the Frooze Balls replace a cookie or candy as a sweet treat at the end of the meal, without sacrificing nutritional value. (We’re partial to alternating bites of the apple with the salted-caramel Frooze Balls to play with the traditional caramel-dipped candied apple idea.)

Salted Caramel Frooze Balls Plant-based Energy Snacks

It might also go without saying, but our Fudgetastic Frooze Balls, are basically a better version of a brownie to calm cravings for chocolate for those afflicted with such a condition (author raises hand). Smash a plate of veggies, cup of fruit, some pistachios, and earn a fudgetastic indulgence for dessert. The reward for choosing healthy options doesn't have to sacrifice good taste.

Fudgetastic Chocolate Frooze Balls Plant-based Energy Snacks

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There are so many great lunchtime combinations with Frooze Balls, that we’ve pegged our Instagram account, sharing some great ideas from our tribe. Be sure to follow some of our friends who share their #lunchboxinspo for extra ideas. By living wilder, even school lunches can liven up the day enough to be ready for whatever adventures lay ahead.